A few weeks ago, I organized a day of wine tasting with my two of my girlfriends. I just wanted a day out of DC to try new things and get some fresh air. So we went west, near Delaplane, VA. I have the Virginia Wine Pass, which gives me BOGO tastings at some of the member wineries. We went to Naked Mountain, Miracle Valley, Barrel Oak, and  Blue Valley. It was a great day- started out cool and cloudy, and got sunny by lunchtime. If you’re wine tasting, make sure to bring a picnic or be prepared to buy lunch. More and more wineries are offering snacks or partnering with food trucks to provide lunch options. Here are some pictures from the day:

IMG_3431IMG_3433 IMG_3442

Our favorites were Barrel Oak and Naked Mountain, in case you’re in the area.


Also, if you’ve wondered what on earth people are talking about when they taste wine (nose? why do you swirl the glass?), I absolutely recommend the EdX course by the University of Adelaide called “World of Wine.” I took it last year, and they’re getting ready to re-release it. Best yet- it’s free! (And of course, I’m not getting paid of anything to say these nice things, I just really enjoyed and learned a lot from the course).

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