Weekly recaps help me stay accountable, see weekly progress, set small goals, and check in with the world. I like seeing how others are doing- the good, the not-so-good. I think as runners we have so much we can learn from each other. I’m Linking Up With the Jess’s- jessrunsatl.com and therightfits.com -check them out for other weekly recaps!

Monday: 1.43 miles at 10:50 pace and then kettlebell class. I was talking on the phone during my run, so it was slower. Monday is snatch day, and I bumped up to 14kg! I can’t do many reps or do them fast, but it illuminated some areas of my technique that I can improve. It took the heavier weight to show me these weaknesses, and correct them, since with the 12kg I could just power through.

Wednesday: It was a crazy week, so while I did some walking, no other running. I saw the physical therapist on Wednesday- official diagnosis- bursitis. Inflammation of the fluid around my left hip, and then some inflammation in the muscles as well. And apparently, I’m not too far from having a flare up in my right hip as well. Exercises and ice is the prescription, and I’m scheduled for 2x week PT appointments.

Saturday: Race day! I’ll do a full recap this week, but 13.1 race miles (so 13.56 miles according to my phone). My hip started to hurt about mile 6, so it was not my best run. 7 painful miles, and I finished in 2:18:33. I’m proud that I didn’t give up, but the forced walk breaks were disappointing. I also got in a 2 mile walk that afternoon with a friend at my church’s annual retreat.img_4413 img_4422

Sunday: 2.4 miles with my boyfriend, 9:40 average pace. My idea of a “slow, recovery run” and his are a bit different, so it was on the faster side for me. Like the first mile was 8:22, and the second (where we did trails and I slowed down) was 10:56. But a beautiful day! And fun to run together.  There were hills, and some trails, and my hip only hurt the last mile (but that’s still early for running).


Total weeks’ miles: 16.9 miles. A little low, but going to PT is super important. I’m not sure

Next week’s goals: Ice at least twice a day (PT recommended), 2 PT appointments, 1 cross-training day, and 20 miles.

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