Less than 100 days until the Richmond Marathon! This week went better but my schedule was off. I was much better about foam rolling and stretching! Lots of early mornings, even though I ran in the evenings. Here’s how my runs went:

Monday: 2 miles- a combo of elliptical and treadmill. I was trying to give my hip a break, and the elliptical lessens the impact.


Tuesday: 2 easy miles in my neighborhood. I started breaking in new shoes, so wanted to keep it light. I was so glad for a cooler and cloudier day.

Beautiful sunrise!

Beautiful sunrise!

Thursday: 2.9 miles on the WOD trail and then kettlebell class. It seems like the heat spell had broken this week, making evening outdoor running bearable again.

WOD Trail

WOD Trail

Saturday: 16 mile long run with my running group! It was rough, but not as bad as it could have been. I did manage to run all 16, even though my hip started to hurt about mile 4. I slowed down and switched to run/walk about mile 6. It’s a different kind of difficult when I mentally was ok, except for this pain. I was reminded how glad I am that we run the south-west-north-east route of the Arlington Loops- the sun would have been in my face longer and less shade in later miles had we done the reverse.


Sunday: My quads hurt, so I did 2 miles on the elliptical and 2.25 on the treadmill. And then rubbed tiger balm on them. Done is better than undone, even if it didn’t feel good.


Total: 27.2 miles, one kettlebell class, lots of stretching and foam rolling. This was 6 miles more than last week, a good bump. Goals for next week- 2 kettlebell classes, 5-6 days of running, at least 20 miles. My vacation starts next weekend, so I won’t be running with my group- sad!

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