With sunrise approaching 7am and sunset near 6pm, the days are definitely getting longer. But I still feel that despite the very mild D.C. area winter thus far, that we’re in for a good snowstorm next month. The doldrums of winter in February are a perfect time to complain about winter- really, we’re all ready for it to hurry up and be over already. And I say this as someone who loves winter! I’m joining Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup.

  1. It’s cold! Really, this is self-explanatory. And I know its snot really that cold here in DC this winter- it’s just cold enough to complain about.
  2. It’s dark! Again, self-explanatory. But I don’t love running in the dark. Particularly when I usually run alone during the week. I worry about ice, and safety, and am I visible enough.
  3. Why is the gym so crowded for 6 weeks? Why can’t these people just go away? Ok, so resolutions are good and all…but really, the packed gym for a few weeks is just annoying and just makes me want to avoid the gym altogether.
  4. I swear, winter is more windy than summer! Where is this cool, blasting wind in July, when I need it? It’s already cold, why is the biting wind necessary?
  5. All I want to do is sleep. And read while wrapped in a blanket. And eat cheese and chocolate. Not very conducive for fitness.

Ok, what is your biggest complaint about winter? Am I alone with loving sleep, chocolate, and cheese more in the winter?

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