It’s free Friday here! I’m linking up with Courtney and the DC gang. Today I’m linking up for the Friday Five with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia. Make sure you check out their awesome blogs as well as those who join the link up!

I’m new to the blogging world, so my list of blogs that I read is expanding. Here are 5 that I’ve been regularly reading for over a year!

Capitol Hill Style– a style blog that occasionally dips into other topics. I love that it started here in DC, with a mind of practical fashion on a budget. As in, how I can buy smart and pretty for my 40+ hour a week job. I also love the “Weekday Reading” link roundup of interesting articles on style, makeup, news, and politics.


A Practical Wedding – it started as a personal blog about a woman planning her wedding and has evolved into a business with several full-time employees. I love how they keep it real, and have branched out into talking women in business, married life, feminism. And they have a vibrant community with a whole post each week dedicated to the community just chatting with each other.


Eat Pray Run DC– a running and life blog. I know Courtney in real life, having met her through my running group last summer. Reading her blog and talking to her inspired me to start this blog!


David Lebovitz – a food blogger who lives in Paris. He worked in some of the fancy restaurants and kitchens in San Francisco before moving to France. He takes great photos, is honest about mistakes he’s making, travels, and posts great photos. He also has an app and a book out.


Wasting My Education – Maria is another real-life friend, and guys- man is she funny! This woman is wise and hilarious at the same time. I value having known her since 2008 so much! She is spit-water-out-of-your-mouth funny.


Since starting blog in June, I’ve also started reading new blogs- stay tuned for August’s post on who I’m newly following!

Who do you read on a daily/weekly basis?




8 Thoughts on “Friday 5: 5 Blogs I Read Regularly

  1. I love Courtney’s blog! I mostly read running blogs–I don’t have time for much else!

  2. Thanks for listing me! I pretty much only read running blogs + news blogs online now. I used to read a more expansive list of blogs but now it’s a shorter list 🙂

    • Christina on July 29, 2016 at 8:37 am said:

      I started reading more running blogs this spring, so the proportion is definitely skewed. Maybe I’ll do a post next month about blogs I’m newly following.

  3. I read a lot of running blogs and food blogs because cooking/baking (and food) is another one of my passions.

  4. Sounds like i’ll have to check out maria’s blog!

  5. I love that these are not all running blogs – which is what I tend to read all the time. I’ll defiantly check them out. I’m new to the writing side of blogging, too. Always good to have new posts to read.

  6. i’ve gotten really bad about reading blogs in general. My time is just all over the place this summer but when I Do read it’s mainly running or general fitness blogs.

  7. Aw, shucks! So glad you’ve gotten a giggle off the blog! I’m enjoying yours, too!

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