Guys, I had a great week! Weekly recaps help me stay accountable, see weekly progress, set small goals, and check in with the world. I like seeing how others are doing- the good, the not-so-good. I think as runners we have so much we can learn from each other. I’m Linking Up With the Jess’s- and -check them out for other weekly recaps! I’m also linking with my friend Courtney at I slept 10 hours, so I didn’t run. Recovery is important, so I guess I was tired and won’t beat myself up over it.

Tuesday: After more than 12 hours of travel, I went for a short evening run along the California coast. 2.5 miles felt so good, an easy 10:30 pace.IMG_3832

Wednesday: 2.2 miles, 10:30 pace. Up and down some hills, along the boardwalk. Loving the coolers temps- like 60 degrees!

Thursday: I was feeling good so I ran down the entire Santa Cruz Wharf, saying hi to the sea lions. I also went up and down some more hills, so a little slower. 10:36 average pace for 4.4 miles. IMG_3931

Friday: Quick run on my final morning in Santa Cruz. 2.22 miles at 10:43 pace. It was foggy and cool.IMG_3921

Saturday: It was about 70 degrees, so I slept late before running. There was a park about a mile from the hotel in San Jose, so I ran there. And then up the road into the hills of the park. Whew! So it was a shorter run than I was scheduled for, but I climbed almost 500 feet. I started off easy and flat at 9:53 pace, and hitting the hills bumped my pace to 11-12 minute miles due to walk breaks. Mile 4 was fun though- downhill at 10:08 average pace! Then a long flat winding road back, averaging 10:44-11:15 miles, with walk breaks. My hip didn’t start hurting until mile 5, so that was an improvement. 7 miles total before toast with almond butter for breakfast!IMG_4070

Sunday: Travel day, so no running.

Total weekly mileage: 18.32 miles. Since most of my runs were either hills or easy runs, I was happy with my pace- around 10:30/mile. My consistency was good-I ran 5 days out of 7.


Next week goals- run 5 days, cross-train once, get more sleep. I’ll be back at work, so the sleep part is particularly important.


How has your training week gone?

4 Thoughts on “Weekly Recap: California Running

  1. Thanks for stopping by and linking up! I love running new places, but that travel will really take it out of you. Nice work last week!

  2. Welcome back! We missed you and I’m looking forward to seeing you Saturday 🙂 Glad you were able to get in some really solid runs on vacation!

  3. Hi Christina!

    Glad you had a great week! That is great timing, and hard to do on vacation!

    I found you through Courtneys blog, and thought this might be helpful for you, I used it when I raced Chicago marathon in 2014.

    If I do not talk to you before, GOOD LUCK!

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