So to all my friends who told me this week as a horrible idea- you’re right, it was not a good idea, and if I could have a redo, I would make different choices. The good news is that I prioritized sleep by about midweek. The bad news is that sleeping 6 hours a night meant that I didn’t run.



Leaving work after 8pm

So, it’s a short recap. 10 miles on Saturday with my running group. Man oh man was it humid! So glad to have company!


And I went to kettlebell, which was great! Since January, it has felt like my body is understanding this whole weights things a little bit better. Presses are smoother, swings are poppier, more tension throughout. And I’m getting demonstrably stronger.

I also helped a friend move/unpack, and have been doing a bunch of stairs and walking. So I’ve been active, but no running this week.

Upcoming week predictions: beginning will be rough, but things will improve!

2 Thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Less than ideal

  1. Lesson learned, right? At least you got in that ten mile run!

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