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It was the second crazy week of overcommitting. I even got talked into doing something on Thursday. Sigh. But, I got some running in, which I count as a success.


Monday: With the metro reconstruction starting again on my line this week, I thought I would try out running back to my car. It’s about 3 miles (3.4 when I just mapped it). I lucked out- it was supposed to be 100, but never have I been so glad for a freak rainstorm! I hate running the rain. On Monday, I brought sunscreen, sunglasses, but no hat or visor. But I was glad to run in the rain, because it dropped the temp to the 70s. Wooohoo!

Tuesday/Wednesday- Crazy work.

Early rising... for work.

Early rising… for work.

Thursday- Got talked into moving the day I turned in my keys and laptop for my old job. So I stopped by, dropped them off, and then headed to kettlebell. The good news about Thursday kettlebell- I was able to strict press 16kg once on each arm, which I totally failed at last Saturday. The left arm started to fail after one or two rounds, but the right arm remained strong. And I successfully pressed 14kg for 5 reps on each side! So a first there! I’m getting stronger, but have some days that are better than others.


Middle of a painful run- a pretty day made it better.

Saturday- I was supposed to run 14 miles with my running group, but my left hip started to hurt around mile 3. Strange. It had hurt one day early in the week and I chalked it up to sleeping weird. But now I don’t know. So I cut my mileage to 12, and ended up with 12.6 because of some construction and I was afraid I was short. Ooops. Slow and steady and survival. It was 79 when we started, and 86 (feels like 91) when we finished! Ick- I hate humidity! After some time withe torture device known as the foam roller, there was plenty of relaxing and resting!

Giving my garden some extra TLC on a hot day. #tomatoes #basil

Giving my garden some extra TLC on a hot day. #tomatoes #basil

Tomatoes, basil, burrata and champagne... isn't this what everyone has for summer dinner?

Tomatoes, basil, burrata and champagne… isn’t this what everyone has for summer dinner?

Sunday- My hip was still hurting and stiff from Saturday, so I didn’t run. Hopefully an additional torture foam rolling session will sort it out.


Total weekly mileage: 3.4 + 12.6 = 16 miles, and one cross-training!


This upcoming week is the first of my fully-scheduled plan for the Richmond Marathon. I’m doing a hybrid of the Hanson’s plan, with some longer Saturday runs. This week the goal is to actually run 6 days a week, even if I don’t do the full mileage. Goal mileage will be in the 20s though.

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  1. Janet on July 25, 2016 at 9:33 am said:

    Love the dinner idea! Yum!

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