IMG_3551With the 4th of July holiday on Monday, and my last of regular work on Friday, it was a strange week. Later nights than I was expecting and the heat+humidity was back.

Here’s how my week went:

Monday- November Project! Due to the holiday, we didn’t have hills for breakfast, but ran around a soccer field answering trivia questions and doing burpees. I did another 1.5 miles at the gym afterwards to round out my mileage. Daily total: About 3 miles miles


Tuesday: 3.2 miles. I was going to run and pick up my car from the mechanic’s, but it wasn’t ready. So instead, I ran to the metro, and then home from a metro station near my house. It was hot. I forgot water and sunscreen. Clearly a day of “don’t do what I did.”

Saturday: 12.1 miles. Long run day! I was so happy to see my friend Judy, so we ran 9 miles together. This was the longest run I’ve done this training cycle, and kind of a big jump (7 to 12 miles). This isn’t recommended, but I’ve done this type of jump before. It forces me to be better about consistency, sleep, eating well. I also did an hour kettlebell class, which was awesome being off for 2 weeks due to crazy schedule. Pressing 14kg didn’t feel too bad, which is awesome!


Sunday: Pure Barre with Courtney! She’s running the Chicago Marathon for the Ronald McDonald House charity. She had a fundraising Pure Barre class, and it seemed like a good time to try it out. I’m still sore from this.

Total Mileage: 18.3 miles

And two different types of cross-training!

This next week will be crazy since I’m working two jobs. Realistically I’ll be happy if I get 2 weekday runs, 2 weekend runs, and one cross-training in.

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