In full honesty and transparency, because it’s important in life and in running, I had a terrible week. Ok, so I had a terrible running week. Like seriously, zero miles. I went to kettlebell class and that was it. I was in an intensive certificate program for 8 hours a day, then doing my own work, commuting, had evening commitments, and was trying to read each night for class the next day. The classes were awesome! But… I averaged 5 hours a sleep for the whole time. It was rough.

A bright spot though, I did homebase for ARRC on Saturday, which meant I got to see all my running peeps, even if I wasn’t out on the hills with them.

I’m going to try again. Even though my schedule says 26 miles this week, I will be happy if I can hit 18-20, given how the past two weeks have been. It’s all you can do sometimes, try again in the morning, step by step.

2 Thoughts on “Weekly Recap: A week of no sleep

  1. We will get some miles in tomorrow – sometimes life is just too hectic!

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