Weekly recaps help me stay accountable, see weekly progress, set small goals, and check in with the world. I like seeing how others are doing- the good, the not-so-good. I think as runners we have so much we can learn from each other. I’m Linking Up With the Jess’s- jessrunsatl.com and therightfits.com -check them out for other weekly recaps! I’m also linking with Courtney at eatprayrundc.com who is training for a different race than I am, but we are in the same running group 🙂

It’s official. The 3 month mark until the Richmond Marathon was this weekend. I feel ready but not ready. I know I can do it, but given the pain I’ve had the past few weeks, I’m concerned. And, I’m not really where I want to be in running consistency and weekly mileage.

This week did not go as planned. Much of it was because of things rearranged from the previous week plus getting ready for my trip.

Monday: I worked late, but made it to kettlebell! We focused on snatches, which is actually a bit of a cardio workout.

Ouch- my hands!

Ouch- my hands!

I didn’t make it out to run the rest of the week between working late, meetings and packing for my trip. Sigh. I really need to go to bed earlier, so I can get up earlier, so I can run before work. No excuses.

Saturday: 9.18 miles in hot and humid Florida. 11:27 average pace. I ran much later than I usually do, because of travel and running by myself. And still, Florida was 2 degrees less than DC! Crazy weather. My hip hurt, so I was run/walking. My first three miles were between 10:28 and 10:56 average, and then I slowed down. Miles 4-9 alternated between 11:15-11:30 to 12:20 pace. The last little .2 though- back under 11 minute pace because I just wanted to be done!

How I felt at the end of my run- ugh.

How I felt at the end of my run- ugh. 10 bugs died in my sweat on my limbs before getting a chance to bite me- that’s how gross it was.

Sunday: 3.15 miles with an average pace of 11:29. Also I started pretty late, but it was an easy run. I ran the three miles consistently, which was a good thing, since I have trouble with starting too fast. It’s nice to get in some easy miles when everything is still quiet.IMG_3736

More sunrises should be in my future

More sunrises should be in my future

Total: 12.33 miles and 1 cross-training class. Womp-womp.

This week’s goals: I’m traveling all week, but the weather should be cooler than I’m used to. Which I’m so looking forward to! I’m aiming to run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I’m not sure which day I’m doing my long run, but it will be either Friday or Saturday. No organized cross training, but I may so some extra stretching and walking around.

Palm trees :)

Palm trees 🙂

3 Thoughts on “Weekly Recap: 3 Months Till Marathon

  1. Traveling/training are a tough combo! At least you got in your long run, that’s important!

    Good luck this week!

  2. I am so sad that I think I have to miss Richmond. I am 99% sure I have to be in Chicago for work through that Friday and I have a wedding in DC Saturday. Boo. BUT – 3 months is plenty of time to pull together a plan for how to attack the rest of training. You’ve got this! Enjoy vacay and see you when you are back!

  3. Ah! I’m so excited you are running Richmond!! There is plenty of time to get Richmond Ready! Thanks for linking up!

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