Weekly recaps help me stay accountable, see weekly progress, set small goals, and check in with the world. I like seeing how others are doing- the good, the not-so-good. I think as runners we have so much we can learn from each other. I’m Linking Up With the Jess’s- jessrunsatl.com and therightfits.com -check them out for other weekly recaps! I’m also linking with Courtney at eatprayrundc.com who is training for a different race than I am, but we are in the same running group.

Labor Day week is always weird. An extra day of vacation, an extra hectic week of work. And then today, I received the 2 months till Richmond email. Yikes! There were ups and downs this week. Less pain, but also some meetings and weather that added stuff to my calendar. Here’s the recap.

Burke Lake, VA

Burke Lake, VA

Monday: 2.05 miles near home. Lots of hills, but any kind of moving is good, right?
Wednesday: It was pouring buckets and lightning. No running.
Thursday: 2.3 treadmill miles before kettlebell class. I pressed double 14kg bells successfully all night!
Saturday: 10.15 miles with my running buds. We did the Capital Crescent Trail, which is busy, but shaded. It was so humid and already warm when we started. When we stopped to stretch at the 5 mile turn-around, my friend Deb said “I can literally see steam coming up off your shoulders.” So gross. But while my hip was a little twingy, it didn’t hurt. After running I went to kettlebell class. Again, no pain, and some good stretches.

Rosslyn Sunrise

Rosslyn Sunrise

Sunday: 2.05 easy miles in my neighborhood. I was so excited to not be in pain from running. Sore from renegade rows at bell class is another story.img_4193

Total weekly mileage: 16.5 miles and 2 kettlebell classes. I also did more walking this week, which was nice. I kind of miss my 2 mile daily commute walk. And I scheduled an appointment to look at my hip!

Next week’s goals: Over 30 miles. Hahaha, I know, it’s a jump. But I have two 13 mile runs scheduled for the weekend. And I’ll be running during the week. It’s going to be a big one, and I’m hoping nothing goes awry.

3 Thoughts on “Weekly Recap: 2 Months Till Richmond

  1. So glad you got a PT appointment!! Fingers crossed for that 🙂

  2. Steam coming off your shoulders- that’s nuts! WOW. Kudos to you for running in such tough conditions 🙂

  3. Fingers crossed for good news at your appointment! I know what you mean about the heat and humidity….I want fall weather! It has to come soon, right?!

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