So in the past few weeks I’ve written about race-day thoughts and pre-race prep. In light of my next fall race being tomorrow morning (hey, Baltimore Running Festival!), I thought I would look ahead to recovery. During a race, the thoughts of recovery can help to push me harder, further, faster… because I know recovery time is almost here. Read More →

I’ve been in a dreaming mood lately. And not in an escapist kind of way. More of a “excited for the possibilities that life holds” kind of way. Some people call it a bucket list. To some it’s a to-do list. For me, I call them dream or life lists of the things I dream about doing. Read More →

Weekly recaps help me stay accountable, see weekly progress, set small goals, and check in with the world. I like seeing how others are doing- the good, the not-so-good. I think as runners we have so much we can learn from each other. I’m Linking Up With the Jess’s- and -check them out for other weekly recaps! I’m also linking with Courtney at who is training for a different race than I am, but we are in the same running group. Read More →