Happy Wednesday everyone! By mid-week sometimes I’m dreaming of the weekend, or dream-planning my next vacation. Wednesday seems like a good day for wanderlust. So let me tell you about the highlights from my Dusseldorf, Germany trip in April.

Dusseldorf is a city in the northwest of Germany, about 2 hours from Amsterdam, 1.5 hours from Frankfurt, and Read More →

Happy Monday! Summer is definitely here- it’s hot, humid, June and we’ve celebrated Global Running Day on June 1.

One of the big drivers behind me starting this blog is for accountability. I have had a really hard time this past year being consistent with my weekday runs. I’m in Arlington Road Runners, so my Saturday runs are always with the group. Knowing that people are counting on me to be there, and that I’ll have friends to run with is enough motivation for me to not miss or sleep in. But weekday runs…. I have hit the point where I can run a marathon with just 2-3 runs in 7 days, but it’s not my best. So, I’m working on consistency and accountability.

This past week, I’m working on coming back from a very light month of running post-marathon. I ran 4 days last week with a total mileage of 12.34 miles. Additionally, I had 2 cross-training days (one of deadlifting in the gym, one kettlebell class with Functional Fitness).

My current fall races are the Baltimore Half Marathon in October, and the Richmond Full Marathon in November. My plan is part-Hansons, part my running group. Here is my basic schedule- we’ll see how the schedule in the rest of my life goes and what changes I have to make.

Fall 2016 Running Schedule

Dusseldorf Finish Line Selfie

What better way to start something than with a conclusion? Inspired by my friend Courtney at EatPrayRunDC, race recaps will be a staple. Races keep me running, and keep me challenging myself. I’m going to be honest and accountable about how my training is going, so I’ll also share how the actual race went.


The Dusseldorf Marathon in Dusseldorf, Germany on April 24, 2016 was my 7th marathon since I started running 6 years ago. Read More →


Welcome to my blog, Run, Travel & Adventure! While this isn’t my foray into blogging, it’s been almost a decade since I last blogged regularly. I love running, travel, adventure, foreign policy, art and good conversation.

Hopefully you’ll go with me as I work my way through life.