It’s hot outside and if you’re near water, it seems oh so inviting! But maybe you can’t/don’t want to swim and what if you want to see things while you’re in the water? My answer- kayaking!You may ask- but where can I kayak? What if I don’t know how? Is it expensive? I’m not a great swimmer, what if I tip over? What about other boats?

First, breathe. You may see whitewater kayakers who  have helmets and can flip over and flip themselves back. There is easy kayaking too. No helmets required! You should always wear a life jacket, just to be safe, but for regular kayaking, you don’t need a helmet. And the good news is, you can kayak all over! In the ocean, in bays, on lakes, rivers. There’s kayaking from Maine to Puerto Rico (and DC!) to Seattle and Hawaii. It’s everywhere.

But who do I go with: I’ve kayaked with my sister, with friends, with a date. With friends, I’ve gone here in the DC area. I wouldn’t swim in the Potomac River, but kayak? Sure. Kayaking can also be a fun active date. Bring some snacks in ziplocks/dry bags and have an impromptu riverbank/mid-river picnic!


What if I don’t know how?: In Maine, my sister and I took a kayak tour outside of Ogunquit, along the river. It was fun to hear about the houses, be lead by someone who knew the area and other people could take pictures of us! They taught us the basics of paddling. Also, there were little steering pedals at our feet in the kayak- it’s worth it to get one that has these if you’re a beginner!


What if I tip over? What about other boats?: So the good news is that you probably won’t tip over when there aren’t rapids. But just in case, many rental kayaks don’t actually strap you in. So if you tip over, you’re going to fall out of the kayak and you’ll just bob up next to it. Granted, it may be challenge to catch you kayak and get it turned over and yourself back into it… but you won’t be trapped. Regarding other (bigger) boats. It’s best to give them a wide berth. Let them have the middle of the river or lake, and you should stay closer to the sides. You can paddle where it’s shallow and the boats can’t go. You can get nice and close to the banks. Which means great pictures!


Ok, let’s talk cost. Tours for 2 hours can cost $50 a person in smaller but touristy areas. Just renting a kayak can cost $10-20 per hours. And trust me, you’ll probably be tired after an hour or two.


Finally, have fun! Kayaking is a great upper body workout, and a wonderful chance to see a new place or your home from a different perspective.


Have you ever kayaked? Do you have a different water sport you enjoy?




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