It’s my favorite season- winter! Even if it doesn’t feel like it (where’s my snow?), the colder times of the year can have some good points. I’m joining Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup! Today we’re talking about our favorite winter activities.

  1.  Travel to winter wonderlands! I love to go to quintessentially winter places. Ice castles, snow, flannel, hot drinks. Think Maine, Colorado, Canada. I admit, being a native Coloradan, I am a bit biased and I love winter! I went to Montreal on a solo New Year’s trip once and it was a blast. If you time it right and don’t go to ski destinations, airfare and hotels are often cheap.
  2. Travel to a warm getaway. As much as I love winter, I have been known to dream of escaping someplace warm. Arizona, South  Carolina, Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean. Stay flexible on your travel dates, and you can find some great deals. You can get some sun, soak up some heat and brace yourself for the rest of winter.
  3. Ice skating. Every winter, I love renting a pair of skates and going ice skating for an hour or two. That’s usually just enough to satisfy my urge to fly, and wear me out for another year. Indoor rinks, outdoor rinks- they’re everywhere. Bonus if you can get hot chocolate afterwards!
  4. Trying new recipes. I actually look forward to snow days so I can try new recipes. I’ll pick out one or two, stock the ingredients a few days before a storm, or if it’s just cold, the day before. Turn up the music and enjoy not having to go outside. I made some amazing chicken tikka last weekend- recipe will be posted next week! This winter, I’m looking forward to trying some recipes from Run Fast Eat Slow!
  5. Running (of course!). I’m an all-weather runner. Just layer appropriately is my motto. Winter is a great time to get faster- you won’t sweat as much and the cold will motivate you to pick up the pace, just a little. Here’s to a working for a spring PR!


What are you favorite things to do in the winter? Anything fun and new I should try?

One Thought on “Friday Five: 5 Winter Activities

  1. I am not a fan of winter and try to get out of it as much as I can’t. The other mth I went to Hawaii and I plan on going to Jamaica in a few wks. Yay for sunshine and 80 degree temps.

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