I’m joining Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup! This week’s theme is a 5 Things About Me. I can’t believe it’s already November. Work and life is busy. My big race is next week. But for now, this marks 5 months of blogging! Here are some things you probably don’t know about me.

  1. I have always had a running group or running partner for long runs. Don’t get me wrong- I love quiet, solitary miles. And when I run during the week, I run by myself. But ever since I started running, meeting up with others for the weekly long-run has been part of my life. I’ve run with Arlington Road Runners since the summer of 2013.

    Running Group Friends!

    Running Group Friends!

  2. I run most of my races in Under Armor shirts from the Baltimore Running Festival. And most of my long training runs. Like seriously. I register for the Baltimore Half Marathon at a spring expo in order to get a free shirt every year, in addition to the race shirts. I have 5 years of race shirts, plus at least 3 from expos. They are a good length (both short and long sleeve), soft, don’t chafe, good weight, and I just love them!22 Milesimg_3135
  3. I have always been into writing. My mom recently did some cleaning and found books I wrote in elementary school. There were more than 20 that were laminated and bound. And apparently, one of my teachers told me that I could keep writing but they couldn’t keep “publishing” them! This blog may just be another expression of my creative writing side.world-map
  4. I have been interested in the world since I was tiny. I was that kid who could name the continents by age 6, wanted to be on “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”, and was obsessed with National Geographic. Today, it manifests in my love of travel and some of my professional interests.RussDaughters2
  5. I don’t really eat beef or pork. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an adventurous eater, and I’ll try lots of things. I stopped eating beef and pork when I was 12-13. In college, I went almost completely vegetarian. Except when I lived in Russia, because being a vegetarian there was too hard. Even today, I’ll pass on the beef and pork, thanks. Random, but true.

So what do you normally say in Two Truths and a Lie?

One Thought on “Friday Five: 5 Facts About Me

  1. I don’t normally eat beef, but will eat pork occasionally since it is the other white meat. I love to travel and try different types of food.

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