I’ve been in a dreaming mood lately. And not in an escapist kind of way. More of a “excited for the possibilities that life holds” kind of way. Some people call it a bucket list. To some it’s a to-do list. For me, I call them dream or life lists of the things I dream about doing. I hold them loosely, but work on keep pushing myself, saying yes, looking for opportunities to grow. Maybe it has to do with September and fall- for me the new school year was like a reset, a chance to start afresh. Or it could have to do with the start of fall race season- and I haven’t signed up for anything yet in the spring (shock!). Anyways… here are the big five races I have on my dream list.5-dream-races

  1. Paris Marathon with Lauren. The Paris Marathon is one of the big world races- in 2016 almost 42,000 people finished the marathon. I don’t have a strong desire to run the world majors, like many do, but to run this race with one of my earliest running friends in an awesome city… I’ll put up with the crowds. We are kind of thinking about it for spring 2018. Paris and Lauren may the only things that will get to put up with huge running crowds after 3 Marine Corps Marathons of jostling.
  2. Big Sur or Napa. I’ve been to northern California a few times and would love to run a race there. Big Sur has the scenery going for it. And Napa has wine. I would take either place or half or full marathon!

    California. Credit: RunTravelAdventure

    California. Credit: RunTravelAdventure

  3. Lake Baikal. I would run the half or full marathon. My friends and family know that I run year-round, down to about 0 degrees Fahrenheit (not including wind-chill). I actually like winter running. I have a friend who ran the Baikal half marathon– you literally run on the snow-packed frozen lake, which is in Russia and is the deepest fresh water lake in the world. I can just feel that it would be an experience.
  4. Reykjavik Marathon. I love Iceland. I’ve been before (you can read about it here), and would love to go back. When I was there before, I wasn’t a runner. So running a race in Iceland would be new, and a fantastic way to see new places. The Reykjavik Marathon (and half) are small- neither race has more than 3,000 people. It’s a late summer race – which will mean it’s warm and light for Iceland- and perfect racing temperature (like 60s F). And the recovery should be great with the geothermal spas!

    Reykjavik Credit:RunTravelAdventure


  5. Covered Bridges Half Marathon. I’ve heard of the covered bridges in Vermont, so why not run the race named after them?  I also have never been to Vermont, so I can check that off at the same time! covered_bridge_woodstock_vermont_1600x1200

Bonus: A relay (like Ragnar, Banff-Jasper relay). I’ve had friends who have run Ragnar or other relays. And it seems like fun! It also seems like a lot of work to coordinate and find team members. So I would love to do one, but this one depends on more than myself.

What’s on your racing dream/bucket list? Has anyone does these (and how were they)?

I’m linking up with Courtney and the DC trifecta today for the Friday Five. Make sure you check out their awesome blogs (Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia) as well as those who join the link up!

10 Thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Dream Races

  1. My sister has run Big Sur several times! I was suppose to run it a few years back but a nasty IT band injury has sidelined me. As beautiful as it is, I really don’t have a desire to try for it again.

  2. Big Sur is AMAZING! That is all. I ran it last spring.

  3. Love this list. I’ve heard covered bridges is really great. Any international race would be fun, I think!

  4. Love this list! One of my goals is to run an international race before 30, so naturally I’m obsessed with the idea of running in Iceland. Big Sur and Covered Bridges are def on my list too.

    • Christina on September 23, 2016 at 11:01 am said:

      I ran the Dusseldorf Marathon in Germany in April and it was awesome! I would totally recommend it because there was great crowd and race support.

  5. Covered Bridges and Big Sur are on my bucket list. Might not happen but they look beautiful!

  6. Oh man! I’m with you and love to dream about all the races in all the places!! I would love to do Paris! And friends and I may be going to Iceland for the half marathon…some day 🙂 But Big Sur is also on my list and is probably the most doable, so hopefully that will happen soon!

  7. Never ran any of the races you mentioned but I’ve lived in Monterey and have driven through Big Sur many times. Napa would be fun too! My dream races? The big ones – Chicago Marathon, I want to go back to Boston in 2019 (a decade after I ran my first one), and would love to run an international race as well.

  8. All of those races have great courses! I’ve never traveled for a race – except for Ragnar but it was the local Ragnar. I’d love to try Covered Bridges though.

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