When people ask me what my favorite place is that I’ve ever visited. Iceland is consistently at or near the top of my list. I could write many posts about Iceland, but I thought I would start with a few of my favorite memories. Read More →

Much like Uber and Lyft have created disruptions in the taxi industry around the US, AirBnb has created a similar disruption the hotel industry in the US. VBRO and Homestay offer similar things both in the US and abroad. So a traveler, how do you decide whether to find a hotel or try out a homestay? Read More →


I grew up in Colorado, where it takes hours to drive to another state. So when I went to college in Philadelphia, and then moved to DC, I love the fact that I can run through 3 states (ok, 2 states and a district) in a morning. Philly is only 2-3 hours, and New York City is 4-5 by bus/car/train. Which means, Read More →

Happy Wednesday everyone! By mid-week sometimes I’m dreaming of the weekend, or dream-planning my next vacation. Wednesday seems like a good day for wanderlust. So let me tell you about the highlights from my Dusseldorf, Germany trip in April.

Dusseldorf is a city in the northwest of Germany, about 2 hours from Amsterdam, 1.5 hours from Frankfurt, and Read More →